Charles Hoskinson’s “Charles Derangement Syndrome”

What is Charles Derangement Syndrome (CDS)?

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, has coined the term “Charles Derangement Syndrome” to describe the persistent criticism he faces. He believes that critics have a fundamental bias against him and assume the worst in everything he does.

Symptoms of CDS

Hoskinson has identified ten symptoms of CDS:

  1. Assuming the worst possible interpretation of all events involving Hoskinson.
  2. Ignoring his ten years of accomplishments in the blockchain space.
  3. Exaggerating the negative opinions of others about Hoskinson.
  4. Making up false information about Hoskinson.
  5. Becoming irrationally angry at Hoskinson’s popularity.
  6. Preemptively labeling Hoskinson’s ventures as fraudulent or egotistical.
  7. Spreading misleading and dramatic narratives about Hoskinson.
  8. Genuinely believing that Hoskinson is a manipulative and harmful individual.

Hoskinson’s Response

Hoskinson acknowledges that CDS is incurable, but suggests that those who suspect they have it can watch his whiteboard videos or get a “hosky plushie” to help manage the condition.


Hoskinson has been a frequent target of criticism, particularly from the XRP and Ethereum communities. Despite this, he remains a strong advocate for Cardano and has denied rumors of a change in leadership.