Visa Joins Forces with Tech5 and Intermex: Shaping the Future of Digital Payments and Identities

Visa’s making some exciting strides in the world of digital payments and identity management. They’ve recently teamed up with two big names – Tech5, known for their work in biometrics and digital identity, and Intermex, a big shot in money transfer services. These partnerships are all about pushing the boundaries in the digital space. Digital…

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PancakeSwap’s Major CAKE Token Burn Amid Surging Fees

PancakeSwap, a well-known decentralized exchange, has made headlines with its recent decision to burn over 9 million of its native $CAKE tokens. This significant action has effectively removed approximately $19 million worth of tokens from circulation. The team at PancakeSwap shared details about this move on a microblogging platform (formerly known as Twitter), explaining that…

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