Cardano Could Surge 20% If It Breaks Key Resistance

Cardano (ADA) could see a significant price increase if it can break through a key supply level, according to crypto analyst Ali Martinez.

Resistance Level

Martinez points to the $0.54 to $0.56 price range as a major obstacle for ADA. This range represents a large number of addresses that purchased ADA, and these holders may be inclined to sell their tokens at break-even prices.

Potential Upside

If ADA can break through this resistance level, however, Martinez believes it could trigger a rally to $0.68, a gain of over 20%.

Descending Triangle Pattern

Martinez also notes that ADA has been forming a descending triangle chart pattern, which is generally considered a bearish signal. However, a breakout in the opposite direction, known as a reversal pattern, could be bullish.

Dogecoin Transaction Volume

Martinez also comments on Dogecoin (DOGE), noting that it has seen a decrease in transaction volume and whale transaction count, indicating lower trading activity. This could be a sign of reduced interest or confidence in the memecoin.


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