Cardano (ADA) Price Prediction: Analyst Sees 60% Surge in 7 Days

Strong Weekly Chart Trends

Crypto analyst Sssebi is bullish on ADA, citing strong green candles on the weekly chart and increased buying pressure. This suggests a positive underlying trend.

Smooth Ascent Predicted

Sssebi predicts a 50-60% surge for ADA in the next week. He notes the lack of major resistance levels until $1.2, indicating a relatively clear path for the cryptocurrency.

Potential for $3 by May

Based on historical performance, Sssebi sees similarities to past market cycles where ADA rebounded strongly after a significant pullback. He projects ADA could reach $3 by May.

Technical Resilience and Foundation Building

ADA has demonstrated resilience by holding support levels. The 50-day moving average provides a safety net during retracements, indicating the cryptocurrency’s technical strength.

Trajectory Towards $1

Despite recent fluctuations, ADA is trending positively and could potentially surge towards the $1 mark. The market analysis suggests a favorable environment for a potential surge in the near future.