California County Launches $900,000 Guaranteed Income Program

Eligibility and Program Details

Fresno County in California is rolling out a new program that will provide $900,000 in guaranteed income to residents in two communities facing high poverty rates. Participants in Huron and the 93706 zip code will receive $500 per month for one year.

To qualify, individuals must earn $35,000 or less in Huron or $30,000 or less in the 93706 zip code. They must also be over 18 and either pregnant or have at least one child under five years old.

Program Goals

The program aims to help struggling families meet basic needs such as food, utilities, and housing. Fresno EOC CEO Emilia Reyes emphasized that it provides additional support to hardworking families who are facing financial challenges.

Program Impact

The program will support 150 households and will not restrict how participants spend the money. Applications open on March 15th, and payments will begin in the summer.

Similar Programs Nationwide

Fresno’s program is part of a growing trend of guaranteed income pilots across the United States. Similar programs have been launched in Washington, Texas, Michigan, New Jersey, and other states.