Bold Prediction: Crypto Analyst Anticipates Surprising Trends for 2024

A crypto analyst, widely known as Altcoin Psycho, is shaking things up with a set of bold and unconventional predictions for the digital asset space in the upcoming year. Without holding back, he’s sharing his thoughts with the X platform’s 490,400 followers, diving into topics ranging from Ethereum drama to the rise of AI altcoins.

ETH Community Tensions: A Possible Plot Twist

Altcoin Psycho throws a curveball, suggesting a potential rift within the Ethereum (ETH) community. Speculating that some members may turn against the project’s iconic founder, Vitalik Buterin, he doesn’t provide explicit reasons for this unexpected twist. Expressing reluctance, he notes, “I think we see an anti-Vitalik faction form/gain traction. It pains me to write this, and I hope I’m wrong.”

Bitcoin ETF Approval: From Celebration to Resentment

The analyst anticipates a rollercoaster of emotions surrounding a potential approval of a spot Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded fund (ETF). While initial celebrations might sweep through the crypto community, Altcoin Psycho predicts that resentment will gradually seep in. Leaving the details to speculation, he quips, “I’ll let people guess as to why.”

DeFi Hacks: Less Prolific, More Inside Jobs?

Contrary to the previous year, Altcoin Psycho foresees a decrease in the scale of hacks on decentralized finance (DeFi) projects in 2024. He attributes this shift to a significant portion of past exploits being internal. Citing the diminishing availability of mixers/non-KYC offramps, he asserts, “It’s harder to pull off inside jobs.”

Unprecedented Exploits: Targeting Custodial Giants

While predicting a decrease in DeFi exploits, the analyst throws in a curveball, suggesting an “unprecedented” exploit against a major custodial service, such as a wallet or exchange. This unexpected event could shake the foundations of trust within the crypto community.

AI Crypto Projects: The Rising Stars of 2024

Altcoin Psycho boldly declares that the surge in artificial intelligence (AI) crypto projects is far from over. Contrary to those calling for a peak in AI, he believes that AI-related tokens will outshine all others. Additionally, he foresees major web3 companies making numerous AI acquisitions across exchanges, wallets, protocols, and more.

In a space known for its unpredictability, Altcoin Psycho’s contrarian predictions add an extra layer of excitement and anticipation for what the crypto landscape might hold in 2024.