BitRam Artwork Auction: June 11-13

VESA’s Masterpiece

Prepare for an exclusive auction featuring the legendary artist VESA and Scarce City. From June 11-13, bid on VESA’s original artwork, Bitram.

Watch the Creation Process

Dive into the behind-the-scenes video of VESA’s artistic journey with Bitram.

How to Bid

  • Enter your bid amount in Bitcoin.
  • Provide an email address for communication.
  • Choose a bidder name for display.
  • Pay a refundable bid deposit (1% of your bid) via Lightning or on-chain Bitcoin.

Free Bids

Eligible bidders with a strong Twitter reputation and previous bids on Scarce City may qualify for free unlimited bids. The original artwork includes a 1/3 physical canvas print that transforms into an AR experience through the Artivive app. The Bitram NFT is an exclusive animation of the work.

VESA’s Legacy in Crypto Art

VESA has been a pioneer in crypto art since 2017, with collectors from both crypto and traditional art worlds. Bitram continues his exploration of Bitcoin’s symbolism, portraying its relentless force against legacy systems.

Previous Auction Success

A similar 1/3 piece from Scarce City sold for 67K USD equivalent.

About the Artist

Discover more about VESA and his work at: