Bitcoin’s Turbulent Ride: Analyst Predicts Correction

Market Sentiment Overload

Analyst Michaël van de Poppe warns that Bitcoin’s recent surge may be followed by a 40% correction. He believes market sentiment is overheated, leading to unsustainable price increases.

Strategic Investing

Poppe advises short-term traders to be cautious when prices rise rapidly. He suggests avoiding buying assets that have already appreciated significantly.

Long-Term Opportunity

For long-term investors, the predicted correction could provide a buying opportunity. Poppe recommends waiting for a 20-40% dip before entering the market.

Macroeconomic Factors

Poppe acknowledges that external factors, such as macroeconomic events, can impact Bitcoin’s price. He cautions investors to stay informed about broader economic trends.


Poppe’s analysis highlights the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. While he remains confident in Bitcoin’s long-term potential, he emphasizes the importance of strategic investing and staying informed about market conditions.