Bitcoin’s Surge to $250,000: Closer Than You Think

Bitwise CEO’s Optimistic Outlook

Hunter Horsley, CEO of Bitwise, believes Bitcoin is on track to reach $250,000. He predicts that this milestone will be achieved sooner than most expect.

Bitcoin’s Path to $250,000

Horsley believes Bitcoin will surpass its previous all-time high and rival gold’s market value. He points to the increasing demand for Spot Bitcoin ETFs, which have outperformed gold ETFs in recent months.

Spot Bitcoin ETFs as a Catalyst

Horsley sees Spot Bitcoin ETFs as a game-changer for Bitcoin. They have made it more accessible to investors, boosting its exposure and driving up its value.

Bitcoin’s Unstoppable Momentum

Horsley predicts that Bitcoin’s upward trend will continue. He believes the price will accelerate rather than slow down.

The Impact of Spot Bitcoin ETFs

The success of Spot Bitcoin ETFs has played a significant role in Bitcoin’s recent surge. Horsley anticipates that the entire U.S. capital markets could invest in these ETFs, further boosting Bitcoin’s adoption and value.


Bitwise’s CEO remains bullish on Bitcoin’s long-term prospects. He urges investors to seize opportunities to purchase Bitcoin, as waiting could prove costly. Bitcoin’s momentum shows no signs of slowing down, and its path to $250,000 may be closer than we think.