Bitcoin’s Strength Persists: Trader Anticipates Rally if Key Level is Surpassed

So, there’s this trader who really nailed the 2023 crypto breakout, and guess what? They’re still singing the praises of Bitcoin (BTC), even though it took a dip below $40,000 recently.

In a recent chat with their 56,700 YouTube pals, the mysterious analyst known as DonAlt spilled the beans, saying that despite the whole Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) approval turning into a bit of a “sell-the-news” party, BTC managed to sidestep a total price nosedive.

The trader finds it pretty encouraging that Bitcoin didn’t undergo some wild selling frenzy, dubbing it a positive sign for the crypto king.

They share, “I’ve been liking this price action for the last couple of days. I think just in general with how the ETF played out and how we got the sell-the-news event, you would have reasonably expected prices to go lower. But they were very hesitant to do so, and every time they went, it was just a little bit of a trickle-down instead of the typical sell-the-news thing where you just get massive volume and just completely craters.

It could be enough. I’m not team bear anymore. If anything, I’m team wanna-be bull.”

The trader’s take is that Bitcoin seems to be huddling up within a solid uptrend. They reckon that BTC will probably get back into its bullish groove once it manages to tackle the resistance at $44,000.

“The weekly time frame, if you just look at that, if it closes like this and starts breaking out above $44,000…. there’s no good reason to be bearish. Obviously, it can go down afterward but just from a TA (technical analysis) perspective, this is literally as sideways as it can get in a very strong trend.

You would expect that if that sideways range breaks to the upside that you just get follow-through.

Not looking too bad if it continues like this for the weekend and then we have a little bit of a strong showing on Monday. I’m not hating on this chart.”

As of now, Bitcoin is doing its thing at $42,416, proudly up over 9% from its low of $38,678 in the past seven days.