Bitcoin’s Potential Is Limitless, Analyst Predicts

Crypto expert Pentoshi believes Bitcoin (BTC) has unlimited potential for growth, despite its recent dip.

Short-Term Correction Possible

Pentoshi predicts a potential correction of 20-25% to around $48,000-$51,000. However, he sees this as a buying opportunity.

Long-Term Bullish Outlook

Pentoshi attributes the long-term bullish outlook to the expected loosening of monetary policy by the Federal Reserve, which has historically fueled Bitcoin rallies.

ETF Impact

The launch of spot market Bitcoin ETFs has increased accessibility, attracting more investors.

Unlimited Upside

Pentoshi predicts Bitcoin will continue to rise “forever” due to its finite supply and increasing demand from individuals and nations.

Altcoin Market Distinction

Pentoshi believes altcoins will have their own cycles, separate from Bitcoin’s trajectory.

Parabolic Rallies Possible

Pentoshi emphasizes that Bitcoin has experienced parabolic rallies in the past, even before ETFs and nation-state accumulation.