Bitcoin’s Bull Run Still in Early Innings, Long-Term Holders Standing Strong, Says Lyn Alden

According to macroeconomics expert Lyn Alden, the current Bitcoin bull market is far from over, and it’s gaining momentum. In a recent chat on crypto influencer Natalie Brunell’s YouTube channel, Alden expressed her belief that Bitcoin is just at the beginning of its structural bull run.

Alden emphasizes the resilience of long-term Bitcoin holders, pointing out that despite the impressive 160% surge in the last 12 months, they are not showing any signs of selling. Typically, during major bull runs, older holders tend to cash in on market strength, either to rebalance their portfolios or for personal consumption. However, Alden notes that this distribution phase hasn’t kicked in yet, based on various on-chain analyses.

“I still think we’re very early in this structural bull run, but I do think it’s important not to take a bull run for granted. It’s not necessarily owed to you just because the halving is happening or just because it’s on that cycle. I think it’s probably still likely over the next two years, but it is important to manage your expectations and risk accordingly,” Alden comments.

Earlier this month, Alden shared her view that Bitcoin’s cycles align with global liquidity trends. She predicted that BTC could rally to an impressive $200,000 before the end of 2025.

As of now, Bitcoin stands at a value of $43,010. The overall sentiment from Alden suggests that there’s still plenty of room for the current bull run to unfold, with the potential for further substantial gains in the coming years.