Bitcoin Whales Awaken After a Decade

Long-dormant Bitcoin wallets have sprung back to life, moving millions of dollars in BTC after more than 10 years.

First Whale Awakens

One early Bitcoin investor, who had been holding onto their coins for 10.6 years, suddenly moved 1,004 BTC worth $56.92 million. This whale initially moved the BTC to an unknown wallet before transferring it to another anonymous wallet.

This investor originally bought these coins back in 2013 and 2014 when Bitcoin was trading below $800. That means they’ve seen a massive return on their investment, earning over 4,920% in a decade.

Second Whale Joins the Party

Another ancient Bitcoin holder, inactive for over 11 years, moved 20 BTC worth $1.41 million. This whale also moved their coins to two anonymous wallets before settling on a final, unknown destination.

This investor bought their BTC in July 2013 when the price was around $80. After 11 years, they’ve seen a staggering 68,000% gain on their investment.

No Exchange Activity

Interestingly, neither of these Bitcoin stacks were sent to known cryptocurrency exchange addresses. This suggests that the whales might not be planning to sell their coins immediately.

Bitcoin Price Up

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $57,700, up over 2% in the past day.

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