Bitcoin: Still a Great Investment, Says Bill Miller

Bill Miller, a financial expert and investor, believes Bitcoin is still undervalued. He sees it as a potential replacement for traditional currencies, which he believes are prone to manipulation and devaluation.

Bitcoin’s Early Stages

Miller has been bullish on Bitcoin since 2015. He believes it’s still in the early stages of a major shift in how people think about money and governance.

Fiat Currency Problems

Miller points out the problems with current monetary systems, such as inflation and mismanagement. He believes Bitcoin offers a better alternative because it’s decentralized, transparent, and immutable.

Bitcoin’s Technical Advantages

Bitcoin’s decentralized nature means it operates globally without central control. This makes transactions resistant to censorship and confiscation. It also changes how property rights are managed across borders and generations.

Public Understanding

Miller acknowledges that many people struggle to understand Bitcoin’s value. He compares it to the early days of companies like NVIDIA and Google, which have generated huge returns.

Risks and Volatility

Miller recognizes the risks associated with Bitcoin, but he believes its long-term potential outweighs the risks. He warns that underestimating Bitcoin’s potential could be a mistake.


Miller believes Bitcoin is still in its early stages and has the potential to redefine economic systems worldwide. He remains confident in its long-term value and sees it as a bold forecast for the future of finance.