Bitcoin Price: Crucial Moment Approaches

Crypto analyst Josh Olszewicz has shared insights into Bitcoin’s immediate future using technical analysis tools.

Ichimoku Cloud Analysis

Bitcoin is currently hovering near the edge of the Ichimoku Cloud. A break above the cloud could indicate a bullish trend, while a fall below it could signal bearish momentum. Olszewicz emphasizes a “do or die” scenario for Bitcoin, with a price near $64,570 approaching the cloud’s edge.

Bollinger Bands Weekly Analysis

Bollinger Bands indicate a tightening around the current price level. This “Bollinger Band Squeeze” often precedes a significant price movement. Bitcoin is hovering just above the midline, suggesting a balance between buying and selling forces.

Impending Breakout or Breakdown

If Bitcoin breaks below the midline, support could be found at $51,792. Conversely, if it bounces off the midline, it could target $76,684.


Both the Ichimoku Cloud and Bollinger Bands suggest that Bitcoin is at a potential turning point. The current levels close to the upper boundaries of both indicators highlight the tension in the market. Traders should pay attention to the implications of a Bollinger Band Squeeze, as these periods of low volatility often end in sharp price moves.