Bitcoin Peak Timeline in This Bull Cycle

Historical Trends

Crypto expert Rekt Capital has predicted a timeline for Bitcoin’s peak in this bull cycle based on historical price patterns.

Current Price Action

Bitcoin’s recent drop below $61,000 suggests a potential downward trend. However, Rekt Capital believes this consolidation between $60,000 and $70,000 will slow down the cycle and align it with past Halving cycles.

Expected Peak

Based on previous trends, Rekt Capital expects Bitcoin to reach its peak between mid-September and October 2023. This timeline is based on the time it took Bitcoin to peak after the Halving in previous cycles.

Possible Retracement

Rekt Capital predicts a retracement before the uptrend, but advises investors to remain calm and accumulate during these dips.

Current Market Conditions

Currently, Bitcoin is trading around $60,700, with a positive momentum in the weekly timeframe but a downward trend in the daily timeframe.