Bitcoin Mining CEO Predicts a Bullish ‘Supercycle’

Marc van der Chijs, CEO of Bitcoin mining firm Hut 8, believes Bitcoin is on the verge of a prolonged period of growth known as a “supercycle.”

What is a Supercycle?

Unlike regular market cycles, a supercycle is an extended period of bullish growth lasting several years. It’s characterized by:

  • Increased adoption
  • Higher demand
  • Rising prices
  • Significant economic impact

Why a Bitcoin Supercycle Could Happen

Van der Chijs cites several reasons:

  • Institutional Interest: Funds like Blackrock are investing in Bitcoin ETFs, bringing a steady flow of capital into the market.
  • Corporate Adoption: Companies like Microstrategy are treating Bitcoin as a core part of their financial strategy.
  • Retail FOMO: As Bitcoin reaches new highs, more retail investors are expected to join the rally.
  • Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: The constant influx of new money is pushing Bitcoin prices higher, leading more people to believe in the supercycle.

Macroeconomic Implications

A Bitcoin supercycle could have major economic consequences:

  • Wealth Redistribution: Bitcoin could become the center of a new economic order, with traditional assets losing value.
  • Shifts in Power: The wealth and power structures could change significantly.


Van der Chijs acknowledges the speculative nature of his prediction but believes the potential implications are massive. He suggests that Bitcoin prices could reach unimaginable levels, potentially in the millions of dollars per coin.