Bitcoin Investors Bet Big on Market Bounce

Investors Place $500 Million Bids Below Current Price

Bitcoin is off to a strong start this week, suggesting the recent correction may be over. On-chain data, price history, and strategic transactions all point to a positive July for the cryptocurrency.

Despite short-term volatility, many investors remain optimistic about Bitcoin’s long-term prospects. One notable trend is a surge in bids below the current market price, totaling over $500 million. This indicates that investors are positioning themselves to buy Bitcoin if it drops below $50,000.

Rising Open Interest

In addition to the increased bids, there has also been a rise in open interest, which represents new money entering the market. This suggests that traders are bullish on Bitcoin and expect it to rise in value.

Historical Patterns

Historically, Bitcoin has tended to perform well in July after a negative June. In fact, it has averaged a 7.98% return and a median return of 9.60% in July following a negative June. This could potentially push Bitcoin to around $68,000-$69,500 by the end of the month.