Bitcoin Halving: What to Expect

Price Surge May Not Be Immediate

Hannah Phung, an analyst at SpotOnChain, believes that Bitcoin’s price may not rise immediately after the Halving. Historically, significant price gains have occurred 6-12 months after the event.

Supply and Demand

The Halving reduces the supply of Bitcoin, which can drive up its price, especially when demand is stable.

Different This Time?

While the market often follows historical patterns, Phung notes that this Halving could be different. Bitcoin has already reached a new all-time high before the event, and the market is more established than in previous Halvings.

Market Sentiment

Post-Halving market sentiment will be crucial. If investors remain bullish, the price may continue to rise. However, Phung suggests monitoring price charts, trading volume, and on-chain data to assess investor sentiment.

Institutional Involvement

Phung believes that the involvement of institutional investors has created a more mature market, which could result in a sustained price surge after the Halving.