Bitcoin Demand Set to Soar in the Next Decade

SkyBridge Capital founder Anthony Scaramucci predicts a surge in demand for Bitcoin (BTC) in the coming years.

Wealth Transfer and Young Investors

Scaramucci believes the $84 trillion wealth transfer from baby boomers to younger generations will drive demand for Bitcoin. He notes that younger investors already hold significant amounts of BTC, while older investors have relatively little.

Python Metaphor

Scaramucci compares the absorption of Bitcoin into the market to a python swallowing its prey. He anticipates a “big bump up” in demand within the next decade.

$1 Million Bitcoin Possibility

Scaramucci suggests that Bitcoin could reach $1 million, given that gold has a market cap of $14.5 trillion. He believes that even if Bitcoin trades at a lower market cap, it could still be considered “digital gold.”