Bitcoin Bullish Outlook: Macro Expert Luke Gromen Explains

Economic Factors Driving Growth

Veteran investor Luke Gromen believes Bitcoin (BTC) is poised for growth over the next year due to favorable macroeconomic conditions. He cites the US government’s massive debt of nearly $35 trillion as a key factor.

Gromen argues that the Fed cannot prevent inflation from rising, which will push investors towards assets like Bitcoin to protect their wealth.

Bullish Case for Bitcoin

Gromen is “super bullish” on Bitcoin for the following reasons:

  • Inflation will continue to rise regardless of Fed actions.
  • High rates and deficits will increase inflation.
  • Low rates and deficits will also lead to inflation.
  • A weaker dollar will increase inflation and debasement.

Fundamentals and Market Sentiment

Gromen emphasizes that Bitcoin’s fundamentals are strong, with significant skepticism and money still parked in money market funds. He believes a pullback in Bitcoin and other assets may occur if the Fed hikes rates, but this will be short-lived.

Impact of Fed Policy

Gromen predicts that the Fed’s actions will ultimately lead to higher inflation due to the massive government debt. He believes that a weaker dollar is the only way to reduce deficits and inflation.


Gromen concludes that the current economic environment is highly favorable for Bitcoin, with strong fundamentals and a positive outlook for the next six to 12 months.