Binance to Support New Altcoin for Derivatives Trading

Binance is adding support for a new altcoin that facilitates decentralized derivatives trading through its Launchpool platform.

Launchpool Details

The 48th Launchpool project will be Aevo (AEVO), an Ethereum-based exchange offering options, perpetual futures, and other products under a single margin account.

Starting March 10th, Binance users can stake BNB and FDUSD to earn AEVO tokens. Binance will list AEVO for trading on March 13th, marking it as a seed token with potential volatility.

Aevo’s Roadmap

Aevo plans to launch staking and trading incentives for its exchange traders in Q2 2024. In Q3, the project aims to focus on ecosystem development and permissionless deployments for its scaling solution.

Token Allocation

Binance Launchpool will distribute 45,000,000 AEVO tokens, representing 4.5% of the total supply. AEVO will have an initial circulating supply of 110,000,000.


Binance’s support for AEVO does not constitute investment advice. Investors should conduct thorough research before making any cryptocurrency investments.