Binance Adds Support for NOT, a Telegram Game-Linked Altcoin

Binance, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, is set to launch trading support for NOT, a token associated with the popular Telegram-based game Notcoin.

Launchpool Farming

From May 13th to 16th, Binance users can stake BNB and FDUSD in separate pools to earn NOT tokens. The exchange will list NOT on May 16th.

Seed Tag

Binance will label NOT with a “seed tag,” indicating its lower liquidity and potential volatility. Users must pass quizzes every 90 days to confirm their understanding of the risks.

Other Exchange Support

Bitfinex, OKX, and Bybit have also announced support for NOT.

TON Blockchain

NOT is issued on the TON blockchain, which was initially developed by Telegram but is now managed by an open-source community.

Telegram Integration

TON can be sent within Telegram without using long wallet addresses, making it accessible to the platform’s 700 million users.