Bank of America Accused of Stealing $3.6 Million in Gold and Silver

A new lawsuit alleges that Bank of America (BofA) seized millions of dollars in gold and silver coins from a customer’s safe deposit box without proper notice.

Incident at Garden City Branch

Levend Coskun, a Canadian coin collector, claims that BofA closed its Garden City, New York branch where his safe deposit box was located. According to the lawsuit, BofA failed to notify Coskun of the closure or the need to remove the contents of his box.

Safe Deposit Box Drilled Open

Despite Coskun’s lack of knowledge, BofA allegedly drilled open the box and sent the coins to an out-of-state vault. When Coskun finally arranged to retrieve the contents, he received a UPS package that had been opened and contained only a fraction of the original weight.

BofA Investigation and Alleged Stonewalling

Coskun alleges that BofA opened an investigation but quickly closed it without providing any updates or findings. He claims that BofA has been uncooperative and has refused to return the missing coins.

Lawsuit Allegations

The lawsuit accuses BofA of:

  • Willful misconduct and gross negligence
  • Breach of contract
  • Emotional damages
  • Loss of income

Coskun is seeking compensation for the lost coins, legal fees, and other damages.