Bank Freezes Woman’s Account, Leaving Her Stranded

An Atlanta woman is facing financial hardship after a major bank suddenly froze her account and refused to release her funds.

Account Locked Without Warning

Shelley Camp says Green Dot Bank locked her account without warning, citing “unusual activity.” The bank’s decision left her stranded with no access to her money.

Forced to Rely on Others

Camp, who was out of town when the account was frozen, was forced to borrow money from friends and family for basic necessities such as food and transportation. The $640 in her account, which was her IRS refund, was inaccessible.

Green Dot Responds

After WSB-TV intervened, Green Dot Bank unlocked the account, stating that it had implemented additional fraud protections for some IRS refunds. The bank claims that most accounts have been processed and funds released.

Similar Incidents

Last year, there were reports of Green Dot Bank freezing accounts related to IRS refunds in Tennessee. The bank, which partners with Walmart and TurboTax, processes millions of tax refunds annually.

Warning to Consumers

This incident highlights the importance of choosing reputable financial institutions and being aware of potential account freezes. Consumers should be cautious about providing sensitive information and monitor their accounts regularly for suspicious activity.