Bank Apologizes After Customer’s $4,000 Disappears from Safe Deposit Box

Customer’s Ordeal

Jeffrey Temmer, a customer at Wells Fargo, was shocked to find that $4,000 in cash had vanished from his safe deposit box. The incident came to light when Temmer tried to withdraw money for Christmas shopping. He was dismayed to discover that the box was empty.

Temmer, who had been a loyal customer and had always paid his fees on time, noticed that the keyhole of the safe deposit box appeared to have been drilled out. He immediately reported the incident to the bank manager, who was equally shocked.

Bank’s Initial Response

Despite Temmer’s repeated requests for a refund, Wells Fargo initially refused to reimburse the missing funds. The bank demanded a signed affidavit and a police report, which Temmer couldn’t obtain because the case was still under investigation.

Temmer and his family felt frustrated and helpless as their pleas for compensation went unanswered.

Customer Takes Action

Determined to resolve the matter, Temmer decided to take matters into his own hands. He reached out to FOX6 News, a local news station, to highlight his predicament.

Bank’s Change of Heart

The news team’s involvement prompted Wells Fargo to reconsider its stance. A day after FOX6 contacted the bank, Temmer received a phone call from the bank, promising a full refund. Additionally, the bank offered Temmer an extra $500 for the inconvenience caused.

Bank’s Statement

Wells Fargo issued a statement acknowledging the incident and apologizing for the delayed communication and resolution. The bank emphasized its commitment to working with the customer to return the contents of the safe deposit box.


The incident highlights the importance of consumer advocacy and the power of the media in holding institutions accountable. Temmer’s persistence and willingness to seek help from the media ultimately led to a favorable outcome.