Ankr’s Rollup-as-a-Service Revolutionizes Blockchain Development

Ankr’s Comprehensive Offering

Ankr, a leading Web 3.0 infrastructure provider, has expanded its Rollup-as-a-Service (RaaS) solution to empower developers and enterprises. This end-to-end platform offers:

  • Seamless integration with leading partners like ZKsync, Optimism, and Polygon
  • Liquid staking capabilities, allowing developers to leverage ankrETH as gas fees and earn staking rewards
  • High-performing infrastructure, proven to handle trillions of transactions annually

Customizable Rollup Solutions

Ankr provides complete support for customizing and building rollups to meet specific requirements. Its RaaS includes:

  • Engineering, customization, and maintenance
  • Approved implementation partnerships with Polygon, OP Stack, and ZK Stack
  • Global network of nodes for high speed and reliability
  • Integration with Eigen Layer for instant builder resources
  • Optional ankrETH gas token for subsidized gas fees and operational cost offsets

Financial Incentives for Developers

Ankr’s RaaS stands out with its financial incentives:

  • Liquid staking assets and tools, allowing developers to utilize staked ETH in new ways
  • Option to use ankrETH as gas token, providing native staking rewards and covering operational costs
  • Embedding financial incentives into the development process, maximizing the potential of blockchain projects

About Ankr

Ankr is a one-stop Web 3.0 developer hub, providing tools and high-performance connections to over 46 blockchains. As the approved infrastructure partner for building layer two rollups and sidechains, Ankr simplifies blockchain development for various use cases.