America’s Debt: A National Security Threat?

The US national debt is skyrocketing. In just six months, the debt jumped by a whopping $876 billion, reaching a staggering $34.866 trillion.

Debt Concerns: A Former CIA Director Speaks Out

Former CIA Director Mike Pompeo is sounding the alarm, warning that the nation’s growing debt is a serious threat to national security. He points to data from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) which estimates that the budget deficit for the upcoming year will reach a record $2 trillion.

Pompeo argues that this massive debt will eventually lead to a weakened US dollar, making it easier for countries like China, Russia, and Iran to gain more influence on the global stage. He believes that the US is headed for a disastrous outcome if it doesn’t address its debt problem.

A Looming Crisis?

Pompeo emphasizes that no business or country, regardless of size, can survive by constantly running deficits. He warns that the US government has forgotten this essential truth and urges action before it’s too late.

The situation is dire, with the CBO predicting that the national debt will exceed the total wealth of the US economy within a decade. This means that the US would be in a position where it owes more than it can produce, a dangerous situation for any nation.