Altcoins Set for Epic Rally, Analyst Predicts

Crypto expert Altcoin Psycho predicts a major surge for altcoins, a group of cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin.

Historical Patterns

Altcoins have historically experienced significant gains during the second phase of a bull market, according to Psycho. Traders who have profited from Bitcoin and meme coins are likely to invest in altcoins, triggering a rally.

Altcoins to Watch

Psycho advises focusing on altcoins with no remaining tokens to be unlocked, reducing the risk of heavy selling pressure.

LooksRare on the Radar

One specific altcoin Psycho is eyeing is LOOKS, the token of the NFT marketplace LooksRare. Psycho believes that LOOKS is undervalued and poised for growth.

Bottom Line

Altcoins are expected to experience a significant rally, with fully unlocked coins being the most promising. Traders should keep an eye on the altcoin market for potential investment opportunities.